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VocoPro UDH-PLAY-8-MIB 8-Channel Wireless Headset/Lapel Microphone System in a Bag

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VocoPro UDH-PLAY-8-MIB 8-Channel Wireless Headset/Lapel Microphone System in a Bag


VocoPro UDH-PLAY-8-MIB 8-Channel Wireless Headset/Lapel Microphone System in a Bag¬†includes four UDH-DUAL-B systems pre-installed in a custom gig bag to give you a 8-channel system. Everything needed to set up is right there in the bag; you just need to connect the included XLR cable and get started. This system includes four dual receivers, eight bodypack transmitters, eight headset microphones, eight lavalier microphones, four power adapters, and four 1/4″ patch cables.

This 8-channel wireless system combines digital signal processing technology with a traditional analog UHF transmitter. It operates on B2 (907.2 / 909.8 MHz) and B4 (919 / 924.2 MHz) frequency channels. It is suitable for places that do not have a dedicated sound technician like schools, places of worship, and more, or production rental companies.

Each of the transmitter backpack runs on two AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries (not included) and is built with an on/off switch, a mini-XLR jack for the mic input, and a volume control knob. In addition, a dual-color single LED indicates when power is on and flashes solid green for healthy batteries. It blinks red when the batteries are low and require changing.

Operates in the 907.2 / 909.8 MHz frequency band, which is free of TV station interference

4-channel wireless headset/lapel microphone system
Receivers and accessories come pre-installed in a road-ready gig bag
All-in-one wireless Mic-On-IC, which has a pre-amp, compressor, and expander onboard
Uses analog UHF transmission technology for better range and reliability
Plug and play design requires no microphone syncing setup

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  1. Tom Bentley

    We have the older version of this system and after 10 years it has begun to have a few problems and will be obsolete next year. This is my next purchase for our sanctuary, choir, and pulpit.

    Tom Bentley

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