Williams Sound Wavecast 8 – 8 Channel Audio Streaming Over Wi-Fi (Rackmount)


Williams Sound Wavecast 8 – 8 Channel Audio Streaming Over Wi-Fi (Rackmount)


WaveCAST EIGHT is the new, multi-channel Wi-Fi assistive listening platform designed for larger assistive listening applications or for streaming audio in a bar, gym or other device where multiple sources of audio exist. The WaveCAST Eight is designed for pro-audio applications where high-quality sound is required for streaming multi-channel audio in real time to smartphones and/or tablets.

Up to 8 channels are available on a single WaveCAST EIGHT, and up to 4 WaveCAST EIGHTs can be used on one network.

The new WaveCAST app provides an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface and is available in iOS or Android. Listeners easily select channel and volume level once their personal device is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Power Button
The toggle switch turns the transmitter on or off. The desktop power supply provides power to the unit at all times.

OLED Display
This shows current status of channels and of the WaveCAST EIGHT. Each time the power of the unit is turned on, the OLED Display shows a Williams AV start-up screen and a list of system version numbers. After seven seconds, the default Main Info Screen screen will be displayed.

NOTE: If the transmitter’s internal tests fail, the transmitter will attempt to auto-recover by rebooting itself.

Audio Input Level
IndicatorThe bar graph indicator shows audio level in 3dB steps at the output of the audio level processing circuit. The indicator is peak responding and is calibrated so that optimum level is reached when the VU meter only fully lit (+9dB) occasionally and typically hovers around 2/3rds lit (0dB). Adjust the audio levels from the web interface (see the web interface section’s “Audio Settings” on page 8) or from the front panel (see the front panel section’s “Main Menu” on page 14).

Input Overload Indication
The OLED Display shows an exclamation mark (!) above each channel’s VU meter as an overload warning each time the audio signal exceeds the capacity of the input circuit. Either the source of the audio coming in to the WaveCAST EIGHT needs to be adjusted to correct this or the Audio Input Gain needs to be adjusted.

Multiple WaveCAST EIGHT Units
Up to 4 WaveCAST systems (including WaveCAST, WaveCAST EIGHT, FM+ and more) can be used on the same Wi-Fi network. Multiple devices will work better on more powerful networks and routers. The number of servers on the network is visible on the front panel of the WaveCAST EIGHT. The number assigned to a specific server is also visible.

Main Info Screen
On the main screen, 8 VU meter bars are displayed. Each VU meter represents the audio on one channel. Channels that are disabled will be displayed in darker gray than channels that are enabled. Channels with no active audio will have an empty VU meter.

Navigating the Front Panel
The arrow buttons (up, down, left and right) on the front panel of the WaveCAST EIGHT are used to navigate the menu. See “Web Control Interface” on page 9 for how to use the arrows on each screen.

Screen Time Out
If no buttons are pressed on the WaveCAST EIGHT for two minutes, a screen saver will start. If there is no activity while the screen saver is playing for three minutes, the display will shut off

Williams Sound WaveCAST 8 Features

  • Audio presets hearing assistance, music, voice and custom
  • Professional audio DSP architecture
  • Supports 45 users in unicast mode or 1500+ users in multicast mode, dependent upon network configuration
  • Single-channel audio streaming over Wi-Fi
  • Works with free WaveCast iOS or Android apps
  • Optional Dante input
  • Professional audio inputs: combo 3-pin XLR/1/4″, phantom power, line level output jack
  • 16-bit DAC provides 48Khz sample rate

Operating SystemsApple iOS 9.1 or newer
Android 6.0 or newer
Blackberry/Windows currently not supportedBandwidthInitial App Connect:
Background: 128 Kb per device

Wired Bandwidth: 30 Kbs/S per configured channel
Wi-Fi Bandwidth: 30 Kbs/S per connected channelApprovalsRoHS

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