Williams Sound Annotation Pro Video Annotation System with 4K Video Support for Non-HDCP Formats


Williams Sound Annotation Pro Video Annotation System with 4K Video Support for Non-HDCP Formats


The Annotation Pro (AN C5) is a professional, hardware-based video processor, designed so that users can display content from video and computer sources connected directly to the Annotation Pro. Users can write annotations and markers directly on the video content to help explain any content.

Williams Sound Annotation Pro Features

  • 2 pointers with 8 arrows of various angles, plus 2 dots and 2 cross hairs in a small or large size
  • Freehand draw in 7 solid line colors, 4 different line thicknesses (with or without drop shadows), plus 3 highlight colors
  • Four additional marking tools with keyboard connected
  • Straight line drawing mode allows underscoring, mapping or other wise drawing a straight line
  • Text can be typed on the video image in one of 6 different fonts, each available in one or more sizes. A text background may be added to further highlight the text on the video image
  • An active date/time label (sometimes called a date/time stamp) can be placed on the video image to time an event. This label is very useful for record keeping when saving or printing images because it is embedded in the image
  • The ability to position and anchor a combination of several markers and drawings on the screen at once
  • Easily save, print, and share annotated images
  • Options for clearing lines and pointers from an overlay all at once or one at a time, beginning with the most recently anchored marker
  • Ability to assign a unique marker color (up to 7) to each marking device and switch between colors during a presentation
  • 3 highlight colors can be used to create a see-through colored overlay, just like highlighters on paper
  • A drop shadow effect may be selected to further optimize the display of annotated lines over the background
  • Compatibility with HDMI equipment
  • A solid white chalkboard can be selected for drawing when the video image is no longer needed
  • Sync generation allows the Annotation Pro to automatically select the sync if no live video is desired. In the event that sync from a poor video source is lost, the Annotation Pro will automatically switch to chalkboard mode if auto-chalkboard is enabled
  • Keyboard control provides a quick way to select many of the Menu System options without having to go to the Menu System. Instead, function keys provide choices for pointer type, background, marker colors, brightness levels, video source selection, and more
  • Brightness adjustment gives you the opportunity to set the brightness of the Annotation Pro markers to coincide with the brightness level of the video signal, so that the markers are displayed optimally for standard video or for professional broadcasting
  • AV programmable so that AV control systems can control the Annotation Pro using programmable commands
  • Two RS-232 ports allow the simultaneous use of two RS-232 communications devices, such as tablets or touchscreens
  • Five USB 3.0 ports allow the simultaneous use USB tablets, USB touch screens, or other USB control devices. The use of USB hubs increases the device limit to more USB control devices
  • Options available to multiple users to designate which RS-232 tablet or touchscreen takes priority over the other when both are drawing
  • Record the entire presentation as an MP4 to archive or replay
  • Easily switch between content, sources, and presentation materials
  • Annotate regions of interest to focus your audience’s attention
  • Display a whiteboard to further explain key or complex thoughts, then return to the presentation seamlessly
  • Shows 4K video, allowing for the most eye catching images and critical details to be clearly examined

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