VocoPro – Gigstar Jam-Along Karaoke System

VocoPro – Gigstar Jam-Along Karaoke System


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VocoPro – Gigstar Jam-Along Karaoke System


The VocoPro GIGSTAR PRO II 100W Professional Vocal Jam-Along System Package features a GIGSTAR Professional Vocal Jam-Along System with built-in digital tuner, a VHF-300 Dual Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System and a Protective BAG-34. When you combine these three items, you get a 100W mobile karaoke and sing-along unit. Plus, with a wireless microphone system, you won’t have to worry about tripping over cables while you sing along with your favorite songs.


VocoPro GIGSTAR PRO II Features

  • Receiver: 2 mic outputs
  • Receiver: Individual Volume controls for precise vocal balancing
  • Receiver: Antennas provide clear RF reception
  • Receiver: Rugged 1 RU metal receiver chassis


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