Vaddio ProductionVIEW HD Camera Control Console

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The Vaddio ProductionVIEW HD Camera Control Console has 6 HD/SD inputs, which can be up/down-converted from 480i (SD) to 1080p (HD), and a variety of analog SD/HD or RGBHV output resolutions. The console’s camera auto-sensing feature easily detects the 6 discrete cameras.

User-selectable transitions include cross fade, wipes (9), cuts, and FTB (Fade to Black), with the transition time being adjustable from 0 to 4 seconds.

The console’s dual bus mode allows users to switch between 2 separate programs (i.e. IMAG for live presentations on the program output, and a secondary program for a recording the live event on the preview output).

The internal video switcher’s automatic camera switching mode enables continuous monitoring even in the operator’s absence. 6 tally outputs allow you to control the tally lights on external sources, such as Vaddio’s WallVIEW CCUs and PreVIEW HD monitors.

Video graphics insertion (i.e. “lower third”) is possible through the unique LSG (Lower Screen Graphics) system. The LSG allows users to insert graphics from a variety of graphics programs without the complexity of luminance or chroma keying. Graphic templates on a DVD in both Keynote and PowerPoint help users create professional graphics quickly and easily.

Each camera is provided with 12 camera presets (12 x 6) that are stored internally to the console. The PTZ camera joystick can be used to control the 6 discrete cameras. The internal menu can be viewed on the 8-line LCD screen and allows the user to configure the resolution on the outputs among the other console options; current settings can also be viewed on the screen.

The console’s built-in knobs allow you to easily adjust the focus, iris, and transition speed, as well as the PTZ control.

6 HD/SD-SDI inputs can be up-converted or down-converted from SD-SDI up to 3 Gig HD-SDI output resolutions
Camera auto-sensing for easy camera detection
User-selectable transitions include fades, cross fades, cuts, wipes as well as FTB (Fade to Black)
Dual bus mode of the console allows users to switch between 2 separate programs
Video switcher is equipped with an automatic mode for continuous monitoring
LSG (Lower Screen Graphics) feature for video graphics insertion
12 camera presets per camera for effective camera control through a PTZ joystick
User-friendly knobs for easy adjustment of focus, iris, transition speed, and PTZ
AutoView contact inputs for camera switching
Auto/manual focus, auto/manual iris, backlight compensation, and automatic white balance for compatible PTZ cameras
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