Mackie DL32S 32-Channel Wireless Digital Live Sound Mixer with Built-In Wi-Fi

Mackie DL32S 32-Channel Wireless Digital Live Sound Mixer with Built-In Wi-Fi


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Mackie DL32S 32-Channel Wireless Digital Live Sound Mixer with Built-In Wi-Fi


The Mackie DL32S is a 32-channel wireless digital live sound mixer with integrated Wi-Fi, well suited for musicians, engineers, clubs, bars, coffee shops, and more. The mixer features 32 Onyx+ recallable preamps available on 16 XLR inputs and 16 combo XLR-1/4″ inputs, while 10 fully assignable outputs are available on XLR connectors, plus, there is a dedicated 1/4″ headphone output.

The DL32S offers sophisticated signal processing with a 4-band PEQ, HPF, gate, compressor, and an RTA/spectrograph for each of the 32 input channels. Each of the 15 output buses offers a 4-band PEQ, HPF/LPF, a 31-band GEQ, compressor/limiter, alignment delay, and RTA/spectrograph. Additionally, there are six VCAs, six mute groups, and four stereo FX processors with professional-quality reverb, delay, chorus, flange, and more.

The steel construction and large rubber corners ensure the DL32S can handle the rigors of on-the-road wear and tear. The integrated handle provides an easy carry option for quick deployment, while the built-in Wi-Fi antenna allows you to connect to the DL32’s network for seamless wireless control. For greater range, an Ethernet connector allows you to connect directly to a wireless router or network switch.

The Mackie DL32S utilizes the Master Fader control app, which operates on an iOS or Android device, as well as Mac and Windows computers (with the soon-to-be released Master Fader 5.1). Navigate quickly with the overview, view groups, and quickly set up channels with factory and user presets, plus recall settings for each of the Onyx+ mic preamps. Up to 20 devices can be connected, allowing musicians to create their own headphone mix, while Access Limiting settings will prevent unwanted adjustments for the FOH engineer.

The integrated 32×32 USB 2.0 audio interface allows you to record the show for a later mixdown or perform a virtual sound check, plus you can play intermission music, backing tracks, and more directly into a dedicated stereo return channel. With a low-cost and a high-channel count, the Mackie DL32S makes for a budget-friendly studio recording environment.

The DL32S features a download for ProTools | First and Waveform software and The Musician Collection plug-in package including 23 high-quality plugins with BBD Delay, Level Lite, 304E EQ, and 304C Compressor. To authorize the software, simply input the mixer’s serial number on the website.

  • 32-Channel Wireless Digital Mixer
    • 32 x Onyx+ recallable mic preamps
    • 10 fully assignable XLR outputs plus headphone output
    • Master Fader control app
    • 32×32 USB recording
    • Flexible deployment, place it anywhere on stage or in a rack
  • Wireless Mixing
    • Complete control via iOS, Android, Mac, or PC
    • No set FOH position, mix from anywhere
    • Supports up to 20 separate devices at once
    • Multiple engineers can work from a single mixer
  • Powerful Processing and Signal Processing
    • 32 x input channels with 4-band PEQ + HPF, gate, compression, and RTA/Spectrograph
    • 32 x stereo-linkable input channels
    • 15 x output busses with 4-band PEQ + HPF/LPF, 31-band GEQ, comp/limiter, alignment delay, and RTA/spectrograph
    • 8 x stereo-linkable aux sends
    • 6 x stereo-linkable subgroups
    • Main L/R bus
    • 6 x VCAs and 6 x mute groups
    • 4 x stereo FX processors featuring built-in FX like reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, and many more, with dedicated sends and returns
    • Full I/O routing with A/B sources per channel
    • Assignable oscillator including pink/white noise and sine waves
    • Modern and Vintage options for comp/gate and EQ
  • Multitrack Recording and Playback
    • 32×32 USB 2.0 audio interface for Mac or PC
    • Record the show for later mixdown
    • Play intermission music, backing tracks, and more directly into a dedicated stereo return channel
    • Perform a virtual sound check
    • Low-cost, high channel-count studio recording solution
    • Utilize Mac or PC audio plug-ins in a live environment
  • Master Fader Control App
    • Intuitive and easy to master
    • Fast navigation with view groups and overview
    • Quick setup with numerous factory and user-definable presets
    • Access Limiting allows flexible customization of the user interface and prevents unwanted adjustments from other users
    • Quickly access channel processing, signal routing, and a massive suite of professional-quality effects with presets to get you started
    • Export presets, shows, and complete system backups via Dropbox, email, and more
    • Complete offline operation
    • Easy and frequent updates
    • Available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows

Professional Production Content

  • Content
    • Pro Tools | First and Waveform OEM professional software and plugin packages included
    • The DAW Essentials Bundle for Waveform OEM includes 16 powerful plugins like Equalizer, Compressor, Reverber8, and Limiter
  • Included Software from Avid, including Pro Tools | First
    • An industry standard for decades, Pro Tools | First is easy enough for beginners yet sophisticated enough for experienced musicians. Get many of the same tools used by your favorite artists and recording studios. And now you can collaborate online with anyone, anywhere, and create at the speed of your imagination. Available for macOS and Windows operating systems.
    • In addition to the powerful plug-ins within Pro Tools | First, this mixer comes with the exclusive Mackie Musician Collection featuring 23 fantastic plug-ins, including:
      • Avid 304E EQ: Add musical warmth with a treble and bass equalizer with sweepable mid control
      • Avid 304C Compressor: Tweak the clarity, balance, and rhythmic feel of music with this optical-modeled compressor
      • BBD Delay: Create delay, chorus, and vibrato effects based on a classic guitar pedal
      • Black Op Distortion: Add rich distortion based on a classic distortion pedal
      • Black Shiny Wah: Achieve the famous classic tones of a respected wah wah pedal
      • Black Spring Reverb: Get the twang and space of a vintage amplifier
      • C1 Chorus: Emulates a classic chorus pedal
      • DC Distortion: Dial up a range of overdriven tones with this Avid custom distortion effect
      • Eleven Lite: Get the sound of popular guitar amps and speaker cabinets
      • Flanger: Create esoteric sounds with this homage to vintage and modern flangers
      • Graphic EQ: Sculpt frequencies with ease
      • Gray Compressor: Add warmth to tracks based on a vintage Ross compressor
      • Green JRC Overdrive: Get the coveted sounds of a classic IC overdrive pedal
      • In-Tune: Keep your instruments in tune with this digital tuner
      • Orange Phaser: Create interesting effects with this phase shifter based on a classic design
      • Roto Speaker: Recreate the sounds of a Leslie rotary speaker cabinet
      • Sci-Fi: Add analog synth-type ring and frequency modulation
      • Studio Reverb: Create natural-sounding reverb and ambient effects
      • Tape Echo: Add vintage analog delay and chorus effects
      • Tri Knob Fuzz: Get the Hendrix tone with this fuzz box based on one of the first fuzz pedals
      • Vari-Fi: Create the effect of audio changing tape speed
      • Vibe Phaser: Add phase-shift and rotary speaker effects
      • White Boost: Boost gain without coloring tone
UPC: 663961054323
Number of Analog Input Channels 32
Number of Analog Output Channels 10
Max I/O Capacity 32 x Input / 12 x Output
Number of Mic Preamps 32
Faders None
Mix Routing 8 x Stereo Aux Send
6 x Subgroup
Groups 6 x VCA Group
6 x Mute Group
Signal Processing
Gain/Trim Range Mic:
0 dB to 60 dB (in 3 dB Steps)
-20 dB to 40 dB (in 3 dB Steps)
Dynamic Processing Input Channels:
Compressor, Gate
Buses, Master:
Compressor, Limiter
EQ Input Channels:
4-Band Parametric
Output Buses:
4-Band Parametric
31-Band Graphic
Graphic EQ 31-Band
Filters High-Pass
Internal Effects 4 x Stereo Preset (Factory)
Digital Audio
Sample Rates 48 kHz
Multitrack Record:
48 kHz
Audio Streaming:
48 kHz
Bit Depth AD/DA Conversion:
16 / 24-Bit
Audio Streaming:
16 / 24-Bit
Latency 1.5 ms (Analog Input to Analog Output)
dBFS Reference Level +22 dBu = 0 dBFS
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz -1 dB
Max Input Level XLR Input:
+21 dBu
1/4″ Input:
+30 dBu
Output Level Headphone Output:
+18 dBu (Max)
+21 dBu (Max)
Analog Dynamic Range Input to Output:
109 dBA at Unity Gain
111 dBA
I/O Impedance XLR Mic Input:
3 Kilohms
Combo XLR-1/4″ Line Input:
30 Kilohms
1/4″ Hi-Z Input:
1 Megohms
XLR Line Output:
600,300 Ohms (Balanced)
Crosstalk Adjacent Inputs:
<-105 dB at 1 kHz (Min Gain)
<-65 dB at 1 kHz (Max Gain)
Adjacent Outputs:
<-95 dB at 1 kHz
CMRR >75 dB at +20 dB Gain
EIN -127 dBu (150-Ohm Input)
Noise Floor <-90 dBu (A-Weighted)
SNR 92 dB at Unity Gain (+4 dBu Reference)
THD Mic Input to Main Output:
<0.005% (-1 dBFS)
Analog Inputs 8 x XLR Balanced Input
8 x Combo XLR-1/4″ TRS Balanced Input
Analog Outputs 8 x XLR Balanced Output
1 x 1/4″ TRS Headphone Output
Phantom Power +48 V
Digital I/O 1 x RJ45 (Wi-Fi Router, 100 Mb/s)
1 x XLR AES3 Output
USB 1 x USB Type-B (USB 2.0, Host Connection)
Wireless Connectivity None
External Display Connection None
Max Multitrack Recording 16 Tracks
Media Support HDD
File Format Support WAV
File System Support HDD: FAT32
OS Compatibility Windows 7
Windows 8
macOS 10.8.4
macOS 10.9
iOS 7.1 or Later
Mobile Device Compatibility iPad 3rd Gen., 4th Gen., 2
iPad Mini with Retina
iPad Air
AC Input Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
AC Power Connector IEC
Power Consumption 100 W (Maximum)
Rackmount Size 3RU
Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F / 0 to 40°C
Dimensions 17.6 x 7.3 x 5.8″ / 447 x 185.4 x 147.3 mm
Weight 8.8 lb / 4 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight 14.15 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 21 x 11.3 x 10″

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 in


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