J-tech JTD396-1

J-tech JTD396-1




QuickShare 3X1 Wireless Presentation System – The Best Tool for Wireless Conference Solution


J-Tech Digital is focused on providing high-quality products that integrate and distribute audio-video content for both residential and commercial markets. Over the last ten years, J-Tech Digital has been a key component in making affordable and high caliber audio-video devices available to consumers across multiple industries including the medical, commercial and residential fields. Join the J-Tech Digital family and see why over 10 million satisfied customers trust J-Tech Digital to provide industry leading technology and excellent customer service.


The J-Tech Digital JTECH-QS100 presentation system is the ultimate tool for conference rooms in any corporate office. With this presentation system that acts as a switch/extender combo you can transmit HD 1080p video wirelessly to an HDMI display up to 65 feet away (within line of sight). This device is ideal for screen sharing amongst multiple users allowing for 5 users to connect their HDMI source device to a sender which transmits to the receiver. Content sharing and collaboration is made easy by allowing users to broadcast on their display with the push of a button with near zero latency (1.3-1.8 millisecond).


  • • HDMI Version: 1.3
  • • HDCP Version: 1.2
  • • Transmission Distance: 65 Feet Max
  • • Supported Resolutions: 1080p/1080i 720p/720i 576p/576i 480p/480i
  • • Transmitters Supported: 5 Max
  • • Wireless Transmission: 5GHz
  • • Latency: 1.3-1.8 milliseconds
  • • Audio Format: Stereo PCM
  • • Chroma Subsampling: 4:2:0
  • • Imaging: SDR (Standard Dynamic Range)

Package Contents:

  • • 1x Presentation Receiver
  • • 3x Transmitters/Senders
  • • 3x HDMI L Adapters
  • • 3x Male to Female HDMI Cable Adapters
  • • 3x Micro USB Cables
  • • 1x DC 5V/2A Power Adapter
  • • 1x User Manual


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