Allen & Heath ME-U Universal POE Monitor Hub

Allen & Heath ME-U Universal POE Monitor Hub




Allen & Heath ME-U Universal POE Monitor Hub

Clean Up Your ME-1 Personal Monitor Mixer System!

If you use an Allen & Heath ME-1 personal monitor mixer system, then you need an ME-U monitor hub. Rather than creating a complicated chain of ME-1s, the ME-U allows you to easily connect 10 ME-1s to a single monitor hub. You can also daisy chain two ME-Us, giving you the ability to connect a total of 19 ME-1s! Out of the box, the ME-U lets you connect using GLD dSnake or iLive ACE. The Allen & Heath ME-U monitor hub also gives you the option of using a MADI, Dante, or EtherSound card to take a digital feed of up to 40 sources from third party systems.



Allen & Heath ME-U Monitor Hub Features at a Glance:

  • 10 ports with locking Ethercon connectors
  • Daisy chaining 2 units lets you connect up to 19 ME-1s
  • Each port provides power to connected ME-1s
  • Touring-grade build quality provides rugged durability
  • Network port for web page setup and connection to iLive AH-Net networks
  • 2U rack or desk mounting for convenient placement

Build your personal monitor mixer system around an Allen & Heath ME-U monitor hub!

Tech Specs

  • Type:Monitor Hub
  • Compatibility:Allen & Heath ME-1, ME-500
  • Number of Channels:10 x Output Ports
  • Inputs:1 x Ethernet TCP/IP Network Port
  • Outputs:10 x Locking EtherCON PoE Ports
  • Data I/O:1 x Locking EtherCON Link
  • Manufacturer Part Number:AH-ME-U


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