VocoPro UHF-28 Dual-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System


The VocoPro UHF-28 Dual-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System is cost effective and versatile, allowing for dual wireless handheld microphone operation during presentations, sermons, performances, and more. The UHF-28 receiver may be used as a standalone device or plug-in module for the VocoPro Hero-RV, Champion-RV, DVD-Soundman, and Soundman systems.

Complies with new FCC frequency rules
Can be used as a plug-in device or independently
UHF antenna connects securely with BNC plug
LED indicators for AF, RF and power connections
Independent channel volume controls
1/4″ mic out and DC input for independent operation
Fits expansion ports on the Hero-RV, Champion-RV, DVD-Soundman and Soundman
Microphones require two AA batteries each

Item# VCPUHF28


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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