EZ Dupe Pantera 1 to 7 CF / MicroDrive Duplicator

EZ Dupe Pantera 1 to 7 CF / MicroDrive Duplicator



EZ Dupe Pantera 1 to 7 CF / MicroDrive Duplicator


  • Easy-to-use One-Touch copy operation
  • * Support CompactFlash (CF) and MicroDrive
  • * High copy speed up to 35mb/second, the fastest speed on the market
  • * Intelligent copy mode to copy System and Files only, no need to copy the whole media and allowing you to do more in less time!
  • * Whole media copy mode to copy the SD card /micro SD memory card bit by bit
  • * 4 Different Erase Modes (including DoD 3-pass & 7-pass)
  • * Allows measuring the actual Read and Write speed of the target memory cards
  • * Capacity check to verify the CF card /microdrive capacity
  • * Standalone system; no computer required
  • * No warm-up and cool-down
  • * User friendly interface and simple operation.
  • * Real-time display of detailed information on bright LCD screen
  • * Support all file formats, file size and card/drive capacity.
  • * Support Synchronous and Asynchronous copy modes. With improved SOTA technology, CF duplicator can do Asynchronous copy even if the source data size is bigger than duplicator system memory
  • * Real time copy and compare technology (copy one section and compare, then copy another section and compare again) to reach higher efficiency of copy compare process.
  • * One-year warranty on parts and labor
Operating Type Stand Alone
Number of Copies Up to 7 CompactFlash Copies
Display 2 x 16 Backlit
Supported Media Compact Flash Type 1, 2, Microdrive
Transfer Speed
Up to 35mb per second (max speed depends on CF)
Copy Mode Synchronous or Asynchronous
Copy Area
Full Copy – Whole Media
Quick Copy – Essential Files
All Partitioned Copy – Partitioned area only
*Percentage Copy – Set up Starting & End point copy
*New Feature exclusive to EZ Dupe
Format Supported on Quick Copy
Window: exFAT, FAT16/32, NTFS
Linux: EXT2 / EXT3 / EXT4
Format Modes
FAT32 – For CF over 2GB but less than 32GB
exFAT – For CF over 32GB
Compare Modes
Compare: compare the copied target devices against the source for accuracy
Copy + Compare: allows duplicator to start Copy process first, then follow with “Compare” process immediately.
Erase Mode
Full Erase – Whole Media
Quick Erase – Essential Files
DoD 3-pass – 3 times erase in 5220.22-M standard
DoD 7-pass – 7 times erase in 5220.22-M ECE standard
System Memory
128 MB
Power Requirement
115V or 230V
Operating Temperature
41°F – 122°F
Operating Humidity
15% – 90%
Gross Weight
20 lbs
Package Dimensions
16 x 12 x 17″


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