EZ DUPE 1 to 15 Xtreme USB Duplicator

EZ DUPE 1 to 15 Xtreme USB Duplicator



EZ DUPE 1 to 15 Xtreme USB Duplicator



  • Copy up to 15 USB Flash memory Drives at 35MB per Second (2GB/Min)
  • Supports both USB flash drive and USB external hard drive (external HDD must have its own power source)
  • Intelligent copy mode: Copy System and Files only; doing more in less time!
  • 4 Different Copy Modes: System and Files (Quick Copy), Whole HDD (Full Copy), All Partitioned Copy – Partitioned area only, Percentage Copy – Set up Starting & End point copy
  • 4 Different Erase Modes: Full Erase – Whole Media, Quick Erase – Essential Files, DoD 3-pass – 3 times erase in 5220.22-M standard, DoD 7-pass – 7 times erase in 5220.22-M ECE standard
  • Support all file formats, file size and card/drive capacity Formatting option: FAT32, exFAT
  • Asynchronous copy mode After the source USB is inserted the duplicator starts copy process immediately No need to wait for all batch of USB flash drives to be inserted Fast and efficient!
  • Capacity check to verify the USB Flash Media capacity
  • Support Asynchronous Mode: Allows the copy process to start immediately once the source and any number of target memory card are inserted into the duplicator, generating higher efficiency for your duplication
  • Standalone system no computer required Supports all file formats file size and drive capacity One-year manufacturer


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