Aviom SB4 System Bridge


The SB4 System Bridge from Aviom combines up to 64-channels from four Pro16 or Pro16e A-Net streams onto a single Cat-5 cable, simplifying cabling when using any of the Pro16 series products for personal mixing, digital snakes, or audio distribution systems. All network connections utilize heavy-duty locking Neutrik EtherCon connectors. The SB4 combines up to four 16-channel A-Net streams from digital console cards or analog input modules and transports the data over a single Cat-5 cable. The A-Net Bridge output carries up to 64 channels between the SB4 System Bridge and either another SB4 System Bridge or a D800 A-Net Distributor.

Additionally, many Pro16 products may be connected to a Pro64 A-Net system with the addition of the ASI A-Net Systems Interface. By separating the 64-channel Pro64 stream into up to four 16-channel Pro16 outputs, the ASI translates the Pro64 A-Net data into Pro16 data.


  • Four A-Net I/O ports on the rear panel (16 channels each)
  • Neutrik EtherCon connectors
  • One front-panel A-Net Bridge output (up to 64 channels), with EtherCon connector
  • Simplifies the connection of multiple digital console cards to A360 Personal Mixers
  • Multiple SB4 units can be used to create digital snake systems
  • Requires no power supply



  • D800 A-Net Distributor
  • D800 Dante A-Net Distributor
  • A-16II Personal Mixer
  • A-16R Rack-Mounted Personal Mixer
  • A-16D A-Net Distributor
  • A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor
  • AN-16/i Input Module
  • AN-16/i v.2 Input Module
  • AV-M8 Input Module
  • AN-16/i-M Mic Input Module
  • Y1 console interface card for use with Yamaha consoles
  • AN-16/o Output Module
  • AV-P2 Output Module
  • Third-party Pro16 console interface cards
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