Oklahoma Sound 007HT Portable PA System in Briefcase



The Oklahoma Sound 007HT Portable PA System in Briefcase is perfect for traveling lectures. The entire PA system is built into an attractive black briefcase and comes with 2 convenient and practical microphone options.

You can carry the entire system and broadcast with it casually slung over your shoulder or set it up and you’ve got a portable lectern complete with gooseneck microphone.

For added mobility you can switch from AC power to battery power and you’re able to move everywhere.

Microphone Options
Use the lapel clip microphone so your hands are free to demonstrate during your presentation, use the handheld microphone in hand, or attach it to the provided clip and turn the entire case into a lectern.
Power Options
Use the standard AC power option for venues with power, or switch to battery power to be completely mobile.
Portable Presentations
This portable briefcase holds all your presentation needs and it comes in a very lightweight, convenient package with a shoulder strap for added mobility.
Security Feature
For added security, Oklahoma Sound has added an attache combination lock so all of your equipment is safely stored inside the briefcase.
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