Denon DN-202WR Wireless Audio Receiver



The DN-202WR from Denon is a wireless audio receiver that is designed to be used with the DN-202WT transmitter, and is capable of recieving wireless audio through walls and ceilings up to 200 feet away. Designed for use in A/V applications where unsightly cable runs or drilling of holes is unideal, the DN-202WR offers a simple, straighforward wireless audio solution.

Featuring balanced XLR and 1/4″ outputs, the DN-202WR can be easily connected to most loudspeakers or amplification systems. Multiple DN-202WR’s may be used with a single DN-202WT to optimize sound coverage at an event, or split indoor/outdoor or multi-level venues.

Works with the DN-202WT companion transmitter
Rugged metal enclosure
Built-­in eyelets for mounting screws

Item# SUPDN202WR

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Denon DN-C615

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